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Social Market Clock

    Global Public Debt as of - 4pm February 21, 2015    Global 'Buying Power Savings' - in real time
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The world needs Heroes!

There is a challenge in the world that seems to be too great to conquer, or so it appears.

The issue is the run-away debt that's happening around the world with the amount of debt owed by governments  -  the debt is what the governments are burdened with to provide services and infrastructure.

The debt, and the climbing interest, can only be controlled by the tax revenues and other sources but what's occurred is a slowing down of buying and selling of goods and services, simultaneously across most countries, and so less manufacturing is needed

-  this only happens when money is harder to get and a buyer's buying power is reduced by increasing prices compared to incomes.

Cloudfunding offers a challenge for both  -  Sellers and Buyers around the world

             -  it's called the Global Financial Challenge  -  and it's a challenge to turn back the clock.

The clock on the left above shows what debt is owed by the world's governments ( click to get the update )

-  Clock on the right shows what savings have been made by Buyers and Sellers using services on the Platform to off-set the debt

-  this amount indicates the extra monies flowing around the economies that would not be there without the tools on the Platform.

What's needed are Heroes that take up the challenge of solving the debt at the local level just by using their buying power.

It's not only the Hero status that will be awarded, there're also plenty of financial gain to be won.

  Turn Back The Clock


History shows that the global economies rely on cyclical patterns to correct the balance of affordability between product costs and the cost to service the debts, which keeps money flowing in the banking systems.
  Some general history about modern banking indicates that the legacy banking systems have problems.

Since WW11 to the early 1990s there were 6 Recessions

Each occurred about every 7 years  -  after each Recession the recovery took about 6 months to get back to previous market highs

In the 1990/91 Recession it took the majority of economies 15 months to recover to the previous highs of the markets

The 2000/01 Recession took 39 months to recover back to the market highs

Since the 2007/09 Great Recession, the recovery time back to the market highs of before remains illusive, if the ratio time of 2.5X to recover is any indication, as it was in the previous Recessions, then it will be over 100 months  -  just in time for the next Recession.

The recovery time to get back to previous market highs only indicates that the top end players have gained back their positions, it doesn't indicate when the many individuals, the real casualties of recessions recover, if ever  -  this is the flaw of modern banking, and why monetary policies that have been built around business models designed for the analogue and old economy are not keeping pace, they should be structured to raise all the boats, so everyone has the chance to participate in the new digital economy.

Although the recovery time is being judged by getting back to the previous market highs, this shouldn't be confused with real recovery in local market economies, only where it can truly gauge productivity  -  the use of Quantitative Easing with printed money and various policies, only distorts the recovery by only funding the incumbents operating the markets, the real positions are glossed over to influence public 'perception'.

ComTechX believes that the change needs to come from lower down in the local economies, at the grassroots, where the true and actual 'productivity' of producing, manufacturing and the selling takes place  -  this is where the wealth should be shared.

The one common thread that connects, and yet divides us all, is the value placed on the 'things' we use every day or on occasion - all this value needs to be better balanced and shared in a Localization verses Globalization.

It can be done by disrupting the dynamics of commerce

-  by changing the buy and sell ratio from 1 : 1 to a greater 5 : 1 buy ratio using Outsourced Selling  -  it achieves a higher buying power for the buyer without it affecting the seller.
( it's 'fractional economics  -  Cloudfunding', which multiplies the buying power using only 'accountability', with validation through genuine 'productivity'
- it's opposite to 'fractional banking' methods that multiplies money simply by 'pulling money from the air', using risk management and 'the wealth effect' )

This Buying Power Savings is the difference between the full listed price and the final buyer's price,

e.g. With a $1,000.00 seller's full list price, less the buyer's prices of $200.00 = the Buying Power Savings amount is $800.00

The Buying Power Savings is key to clawing back the income disparity ( inequality ) for the buyer, and, has a significant role from the sellers position, which is, with full prices there are profits for full taxes and a greater velocity of money flowing in economies.

The Platform's structure to combine local economies onto a global platform allows remittances ( diaspora ) to be sent for free across the world and collected at local businesses, multiplying the benefit for local sellers  -  it disrupts and eliminates costly incumbents.

-  unlike typical remittances that involves foreign currency exchanges, the platform exchanges the 'commerce economics' between the locations by giving the local sending and receiving sellers the connection to global commerce.

It has a perfect synergy with Free Economic Value that exponentially scales the velocity of monies flowing around local economies.

The Global Markets Clock is displayed in real time and can be searched by country, city and industry to follow the ongoing amount of Buying Power Savings' in the various locations.

To provide the tools to gain the Buying Power Savings there's QwickPay Deals, which gives everyone the chance to automatically get discounts.

    QwickP2P - Pay Here


The Global Financial Challenge has more than the Global Markets Clock

-  the Challenge also has the Hero status and financial rewards that go with becoming a Hero.

From each country there will be a Hero or Heroes awarded for being the Buyer with the highest amount of Buying Power Savings achieved by any Buyer ( resident ) in their location, the winner's prizes start at US$10,000.

The Global Financial Challenge is open to any individual person and business in any location  -  each location is required to qualify with the minimum levels that are set out below.

The first Global Financial Challenge begins when the ComTechX Platform formally launches and concludes exactly 12 months later  -  with the following year's Challenge commencing immediately.


    Turn Back The Clock  
The Global Financial Challenge has several levels allocated to countries that either qualify with population or number of regions.

    A country qualifies with a minimum of 100 business with a minimum Buying
Power Savings of US$10,000
The individual ( person ) with the highest BPS will be awarded the Hero status for the following year and winner's prize equivalent to US$10,000.  
    Countries with states and provinces also have an overall Hero winner award.
  Cup Half Full For countries that qualify with 5 listed states or provinces that have either
5 cities with at least 20 businesses
- each business having a minimum US$10,000 of Buying Power Savings

The individual ( person ) with the highest BPS will be awarded the Hero status for the following year and winner's prize equivalent to US$10,000.  
  Cup Half Full OR a country with 5 listed states or provinces with 10 cities with 10 businesses
- each business having a minimum US$10,000 of Buying Power Savings

The individual ( person ) with the highest BPS will be awarded the Hero status for the following year and winner's prize equivalent to US$10,000.  
  Cup Half Full A country that reaches a minimum of 250 businesses
- each business having a minimum US$10,000 of Buying Power Savings

The individual ( person ) with the highest BPS will be awarded the Hero status for the following year and winner's prize equivalent to US$25,000.  
  Cup Half Full The 'Super Hero' global award to a Global Citizen will be for the individual
( person ) with the overall highest Buying Power Savings across the world
The individual ( person ) will be awarded the Super Hero status for the following year and the winner's prize equivalent to US$100,000.

( equivalent fiat currency to US$ value )


The incentive to register and compete is evident for everyone to see, the Buyers and Sellers are provided with a trade and commerce platform that generates full selling prices and creates the demand for products and services without cost to the sellers.

The Hero status and the ongoing Challenge being played out in the Global Markets and Activity displays is transparent for everyone to follow  -  a great marketing approach for businesses to encourage buyers into the Global Financial Challenge


The Challenge is coined the Global Financial Challenge because there's no denying that it will be a challenge.

What the world is confronted with is a growing debt that no one seems to have an answer to  -  of course the Central Banks will say they will get it right, eventually, like they have in the past.

Sellers everywhere are trying to stay in business by discounting, many have been heavily discounting for some time but this only compounds problems by denying full taxes and the full potential for money to flow around in economies, adding to government debt.

Buyers everywhere have the same issues as Sellers, the cost of products and services are not in line with income levels so there is a Global Financial Challenge for Buyers.

The debt of governments is more feasible to challenge than the unregulated debt of the 'financial banking system', a debt that's just impossible to fathom, it's so big that the banking industry has little chance of recovery, they just hope it's too big to fail, again.

But the problem the banking industry now has is that the tools that Central Banks relied on for the last several decades have reached their limits, and, the ability to adjust interest rates to maneuver economies has evaporated, leaving little to 'steer the ship'.

The government debt is different, it relies on taxes and other revenues that come from trade and commerce to pay down the 'public debt', much of which is initially borrowed from the banking industry to prop things up, when revenues fall short.

This's why the government debt at least has a chance of being challenged with the right economic system, one that doesn't rely on the banking industry to compound the problem.

The importance of getting control at the government debt level now, is so the current and future populations aren't burdened by increased taxes and a greater lose of Social infrastructure, like schooling, health and everything that makes up the quality of life.

The burden is easily seen now with talk of austerity, record unemployment, personal debt, cutting of services, income inequality - adding to the importance is the growing age of populations that will reduce the workforces that will be taxed to cover the shortfall.

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Wherever your Location is - you are not alone!

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