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It's undeniable that the world's demographics are changing, and changing fast, the forecasts that were estimated at the end of the 20th Century are fast becoming the reality of what to expect.

Thinking that the way things have been will re-balance and fix things, or the future will look after itself, this type of thinking and way of operating can't be used any more.

Cloudfunding leaps Supply and Demand into a new dimension that eliminates the crisis that plague Supply Chains, mainly because the dynamics in trade are so fragile that any issue can flow as a contagion across the markets, especially when global pricing is used as a guide.

Price Demand that gives the free market environment to Buyers while Sellers get full Selling Prices regardless of the Buying Prices solves the dilemma of having booms and busts by having sustainable profits that can only be maintained by having Supply.

Example of Price Demand in the Supply Chains

    Farmer to Processor    l    Processor / Manufacturer to Retailer    l    Outsourced Selling - Generic Deals    l    Retailer to Consumer

Greater growth in economies on a global scale was thought to be the answer to spreading wealth but that seems impossible with the greater the pace the more debt being pushed to the general population, the pace that poverty is decreasing is far out of step with the looming growth in populations.

The change of how markets will work, comes with the change in how influence and value cross borders to stimulate local economies by the actions of local Sellers using free Direct Foreign Decentralized Capital  -  Cloudfunding does the rest.

Destined to stay in poverty

Smallholder farmers are estimated at 500 million, and most only have an income of a few dollars a day to support a family, earning a living growing small crops of maize, coffee, cacao, coconut, rice etc, on a hectare or two, hardly ever able to make headway.

There's the cost of seeds and other overheads as well as needing to cope with the weather that decides if there's a good crop or not, just hoping that there can be funds to pay for the next season's crop  -  there are only a few ways for these farmers to survive.

Invariably most of these smallholder farmers are at mercy of the weather, banks, batter or loan sharks, year after year.

Cloudfunding is able to replace these options with several before and after solutions all within an autonomous Cashless World.

Outsourced Selling can provide the market for the smallholder farmer to list their produce, with a particular change to the selling prices, as has been the case for many years, the farmers have been subject to the trader's prices being offered and global prices.

A global digital approach

The way ComTechX approaches this, is with a range of 3 to 4 times Selling Price over the current trader's and global prices ( controlled by a Global Price Index that tracks and analyses prices and demand in real-time ), the farmer receives the Selling Price payments in real time, without any cost, when the traders complete the exchange of goods  -  the farmer's payment is secured in escrow waiting for the traders to accept the trade  -  at no time does ComTechX or its associated group hold or accept physical monies on behalf of the global players.

For the trader they pay much less than if they traded with the smallholder farmers at their normal prices, the incentive of lower Buying Prices will eventually win out, it becomes a 'win / win' for both parties.

Along the Supply Chain the Selling Prices reduce gradually to the normal Selling Prices of slightly above the global prices, so the Seller will always gain the incentive and the Buyers have the lower prices and greater Buying Power.

The local activity between Sellers using Outsourced Selling with the Global Crowd driving the sales to provide the low Buying Prices for the local Buyers is the natural formation of a FOMEZ  -  Free Open Market Economic Zone that Localization focuses on.

Another way for the smallholder farmers to gain is the cost of seed, fuel and all other types of overheads they would normally be paying out to get a harvest growing.

ComTechX approaches the issues of incentivizing smallholder farmers and traders, as well as other businesses further along the Supply Chain with Free Economic Value, which can move freely across borders as free Direct Foreign Decentralized Capital  -  DFDC.

It offers the full package of what foreign aid and banking can't achieve because of their top down approach that can get lost and not filter down, and the predatory methods that exist with banking that only use selective business methods and not humanitarian.

Smallholder farmers and SMEs everywhere

Cloudfunding provides the funding to support the smallholder farmers and all other types of SMEs, with a global approach, the funding comes from the Global Crowd using their free working capital to strategize to win deals while at the same time looking after their own world.

Small local stores in India can use Cloudfunding with Outsourced Selling to spur along sales with their local customers, that can include local manufacturers or producers that get the flow on effect with more orders.

Payments remain simple with digital cash being transacted 'mobile to mobile' for free.

Cloudfunding is more than Banking, it combines a 'cashless global digital financial system' with a 21st Century global solution to global inequality  -  the developed countries of the world would not have their prosperity, if it wasn't for the vulnerable people of the world, the future will see a different landscape, but 'who will need who', for growth  -  the equilibrium will be a Cashless World.

Seller Register

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Outsourced Selling  

                      1.  Upload images of the items with a description and full Selling Prices

                      2.  Outsourced Selling process escrows the Selling Prices and process details

                      3.  If an OMM wins the bidding then the Deal is released to local Buyers  -  details of the Buyer are updated

                      4.  At the collection of the item, a Code provided by the Buyer releases the full Selling Prices

                      5.  Sellers have the option to use the funds to spend with other Users or liquidate using Pay It Forward, Now!


Every Seller using Outsourced Selling now has a better than Competitive Advantage in their local trading zone.

-  it can be applied with anything locally produced, manufactured or retailed along the Supply Chain.

-  it can give Sellers unlimited predictable and guaranteed sales, all for free.

Outsourced Selling is pro-active, it 'pushes' commerce to achieve sales.

Cloudfunding can gain economies of scale across all countries and commerce in the Digital Era

Outsourced Selling  

Scale and velocity of trade and commerce is a key attribute of Outsourced Selling  -  great for local economies

SMEs, even industries like Solar Energy, can use Outsourced Selling to leapfrog the competition  -  for free

Pressure by predatory trade in the Supply Chains placing the likes of food suppliers in jeopardy, is countered.

Outsourced Selling turns Globalization around so as local Sellers have better control  -  this is Localization


Economy 2 Economy

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Growth in the 21st Century needs economies of scale without multiplying debt, as the case in the 20th Century

Multiplication of growth can now be scaled by tapping into the Global Crowds' 'thirst' for a better lifestyle

The Global Crowd are independent market makers with equal opportunity to earn profit like any business

Their combined activity can be compared to a product assembly line that uniquely produces productivity

Outsourced Selling finds equilibrium in Supply and Demand, giving Buyers and Sellers 'the winning formula'

Free Advertising and Outsourced Selling solves the last hurdle in marketing, it gets sales with the one action

With no cost at either end of the commerce process, it achieves sales without targeting or discounting a product

Once the bidding has completed the Sellers release the Deals to their local Buyers with Price Demand

-  Deals begin at the full Selling Prices, then cascades down to the OMM's winning bid.

Why?  -  Because Commerce needs to operate at the highest digital level in a scalable Digital Economy,

.  .  .  if it's to achieve major economic results, at the least possible cost.

The Platform has a fully autonomous SaaS architecture that's structured to form the ComTechX industry  

-  it adds the incentives for the Global Crowd to be involved in expanding the decentralized structure.

It expands Main Street's online strategy, giving Sellers the way to sell products at impossible to ignore low prices

It gives Sellers the time to provide greater customer service, without fear of surviving on discounted margins

Outsourced Selling changes the landscape in commerce, until now Sellers have been obliged to sacrifice profits

Sellers now sell at full profit, giving buyers benefit of discounts  -  how long could a Seller's competitors survive?

When Sellers list products the required Sales Taxes are included in the full list price, recorded ready to download

Discounting only solves short term Demand, at an economy's expense  -  Outsourced Selling isn't discounting

'Outsourced Selling' helps solve an unsustainable global debt  -  'it' opens up a scalable Digital Economy

QwickPic Ready
Check out a Deal Registration and Cloudfund Strategy

See a Snap-Shot view of a Cloudfund strategy and bidding for Deals

Cloudfunding generates Price Demand  -  digitizes 'cash' to flow ubiquitously around the world

What's The Monetizing Moment?

Cloud Commerce operates by Outsourcing the Selling to the Crowd by Cloudfunding

How Sellers Outsource their Selling to the Crowd?

QwickP2P   'Pay it Forward, Now!' completes the sales activity for sellers!

As UDC is validated and exchanged in the Digital Economy it permeates out into local economies!

see the connection of players that help achieve 'Productivity' :   Global Cloud Productivity

Wherever your Location is - you are not alone!

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