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World Labor MarketPlace

In Global Supply and Demand, the cycles involved in getting a product or service from the Producers to the end Consumers invariably involves wages  -  often wages are the operating cost that is the weakest link in the chain, which can be exploited.

In a way it's similar to war, where casualties are an accepted part of battling the enemy  -  in business, workers are the soldiers that battle everyday against the business's competition, workers who are often seen as expendable.

As the Digital Age moves forward there will be plenty of 'casualties of war' in the business competition, and from automation.

With each revolution there have been massive changes in the fortunes of those that miss the transition through no fault of their own  -  history mostly reports of industry changes but rarely is there mention of the transition casualties who can have a Job one day and not the next.

It may be fair to say that it's the cost of change but if the world is to discard individuals as casualties of progress, then the world hasn't learnt much from the past  -  this revolution should and can be different.

While Cloudfunding is able to Outsource the Selling of products and services to generate the unit of labour into Wage Shift Smart Contracts with Sell High and Buy Low dynamics, it also has the 'connection' to the costs of wages that produce those items along the Supply Chain.

Wage costs are an integral part of the end value so it's important that the same advantages are gained within the production line for those physically involved in the end costs, just as with Sellers and Buyers  -  Wage Shift brings a solution to those casualties.

What Wage Shift does is it takes advantage of the very up-side of the increased activity in the local economy where Outsourced Selling takes place  -  Wage Shift draws from both the increased flow of the local productivity, and, stimulates it further with access to greater wage revenues that can be spent on the broader productivity in the local economy,

Wage Shift Smart Contracts are designed with two key objectives

-  one is the employee / worker receives 20% increase over their full wage by either listing, winning or buying Wage Shift Deals.

-  the other is for the employer / boss to pay a maximum of 20% of an employee‘s full or partial wage  -  that’s a saving of 80% of the normal wage payment, with the employee still receiving their full or partial wage plus a 20% bonus ( paid directly from the Outsourced Selling process, not from the boss )

-  it has a mutual benefit for both and hopefully provides the environment where productivity has a positive outcome.

A Wage Shift Smart Contracts listed value can be a percentage or the full value of an employee’s wage.

e.g: $100 Wage Shift Smart Contract  =  $100 ( any currency ) can be a % or full wage  +  plus 20% increase ( regardless of hourly rates )

Smart Contracts can be listed using any currency and can be as low as a $2 ( or equivalent ) and as high as wages can go, however the Global Crowd will still decide which Smart Contracts will be fully Outsourced.

Wage Shift is a service that doesn’t have any charges or any fees at all, it’s a way to get the Global Crowd to bridge the gap between wages and the cost of living, and it’s part of the distribution of value collected from the commerce activity!

Outsourcing Wages is part of the way Cloud Commerce functions, labor is a cost in generating the inventory held in the Cloud  -  Wage Shift Smart Contracts are one of the distribution channels that pays for those costs, with a premium.

Wage Shift Smart Contracts are governed by the size of the productivity in a local region, this means that as products and service Deals are successfully processed and sold into the local economy, so too the volume of Wage Shift Smart Contracts increases.

As with most Smart Contracts offered by businesses and industries the Price Demand applies.

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Wage Shift Deals as part of the World Labor MarketPlace indexes the industries and labour component costs of the products & services listed on the eQconomy Platform.

Generally the value of labor connected to every product or service determines the end price and it’s the role of the employer ‘boss’ to keep that key cost to a minimum.

Throughout history the employee 'worker' has always felt at various times or even constantly that the payment for their input of labor on the job has been less than fair!

The tactics for an employee 'worker' to get the boss to raise their pay has often come to friction and all types of drawn out negotiations that in the end if a wage rise is granted then it wouldn't be long before another round is needed to all start again  -  a continual cycle that is trying to keep pace with the cost of living.

Of course there are the usual groups that are formed to negotiate on behalf of the many which can still take time, regardless of the tactics.

Whichever way it unfolds the thing that doesn’t change is that there are still Sellers and Buyers involved,

-  with the employee ‘worker’ they are technically the seller of their labour and the buyer is the employer ‘boss’ who is buying that ‘labor’.

With Wage Shift the employer 'boss' is able to buy the labor at 20% of the List Price value and the employee 'worker' is able to gain 20% more for the same work - all without any hassling.

With LAC ( Location Activity Commerce ) governing the value of all products and services on the Platform the labor is able to be separated from any overall List Price and released to anyone as Wage Shift Deals.

The labor percentage is different from product to product and so this value can be grouped together and released as a unique number of Wage Shift Deals and not connected to any particular product or service but as a percentage of the overall inventory held in the Cloud by the eQconomy Platform.

The role of the index is to track the volume of labor within the listed products and services to determine the amount of Wage Shift Deals that could be generated at any one time.

An employer 'boss' is still a Seller on the Platform and can list their products or services and still create Wage Shift Deals, which would tap into the overall volume of products and services listed by other Sellers, the total Wage Shift Deals available to list is controlled by the overall amount of an individual seller's listed items.


Just in the way Cloud Commerce can outsource selling for any products or services it can also do the same with wages or incomes for any person whether they are employed, between jobs or retired, or even be the employer, no matter where they are located in the world.

With outsourcing selling for products and services being part of how Cloud Commerce operates, there's already a connection with 'Productivity', because wages are a major component in producing products and services.

With any wages paid by an employer to an employee there's always a time when wages fall behind the 'cost of living', this is when long winded 'negotiations' can begin, or not, often getting bogged down and becoming a problem for both.

There can be times when there's no alternative but to use Pay Day services or other means where short term loans are taken out at high interest, even credit cards can be bundled into this bridging gap of 'live today on tomorrow's earnings'.

Wage Shift Deals is where an employee 'worker' can bypass that wait by using Crowd Outsourcing to get that wage increase now rather than later.

An employee can even give the employer more rewarding options for their business with Wage Shift Deals, with the employer only needing to pay a maximum of 20% for employees wages, that's 80% less paid out by the employer.

Wage increases an employee gets is equal value that the employer pays for Deals or the Crowd paid to 'win' a Deal.

The processing to produce the wages corresponds with the volume of Productivity that is stored in the Cloud, the more inventory added to the Cloud means that more Wages Shift Deals can be listed.

-  in all commercial exchanges of value in the digital economy there must be inventory of equal value held in the Cloud.

With Cloud Commerce helping to equalize the highs and lows between people Wage Shift Deals can be used by anyone who needs to bridge the gap between their income and the cost of living, and that could be someone in India, Bangladesh, Nigeria, USA, China or Iceland, anywhere!

In the domestic markets in most developed countries where manufacturing occurs there are two shifts happening, one is the cost of labor that makes products too expensive to compete against imports and the second is new technology is replacing the labour needed to produce.

The danger in manufacturing is the loss of skilled labor when a downturn comes from the overall economy and when products are too expensive to manufacture, what Cloud Commerce does is provide the necessary infrastructure to support the labor component that holds on to the 'old labor skills' by having the cost of labor integrated into the cost to produce products as well as provide the platform that sells those same products.

'Old skills' are harder to keep so 'new skilled' workers need to be found and Wage Shift is able to help fill that void where new workers are needed, they can be apprentices or trainees that are usually a cost to a business during the learning stages.

Wage Shift provides the financial support needed by manufacturers to train new and existing workers without hindering growth and output.

Employment is a function of sales, so to have workers who are paid well there will be better productivity from manufacturing all the way through to the retail staff providing customer service to the end buyer!

Employee   l   Employer   l   World Labour Marketplace   l   Short Term Jobs

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