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Employee - worker - self employed - unemployed - pensioner

Anyone can still participate in bidding for the Wage Shift Deals and collect the value in a number of different ways.

If you win a Wage Shift Deal:

One way for someone who has an employer is to tell the ‘boss’ about Wage Shift and what it can do for them

-  steps taken by the ‘boss’ is first to register and then fund their Business Account with the equal amount or more than the Wage Shift Deal’s value was won at, give the ‘boss’ the Collect Code when you get the ‘ok’.

The Collect Code will release the full Wage Shift Deal’s List Price value PLUS the same value as what the ‘boss’ paid for the Deal, what the Deal was won at, you will receive your wage plus bonus in your QwickP2P account.

The boss will receive a detailed record that you have been paid the Deal’s List Price and that same amount is to be ducted from your current wage,

-  this means the boss has only needed to pay out 20% or less for the value of the Deal’s List Price and you receive
the same 20% value that was paid by the boss for the Deal as the ‘bonus.

Don’t worry if the boss doesn‘t 'get it', it’s normal for the boss to look after their business.

If your boss doesn’t want to accept the Deal you can simply store up the Deals or use them to buy Deals at the various listed local stores or withdraw the Deal’s value by using the Collect Code at a network brick and mortar store.

If this option is selected, 'you' as the employee 'worker' will need to pay the 20% that the 'boss' needed to pay if they had selected to 'buy' the Deal.

-  the additional 20% is then released into your account at the time of processing to find a participating local store.

Wage Shift Deals can also be listed by an ‘employee’, the same as a ‘boss‘

An extra validation step is added before the Wage Shift Deal can be fully processed.

-  when a Deal is listed, it’s Outsourced to the Crowd and when there’s sufficient interest the employee is required to pay 10% of the Deals value before the bidding process can be completed. (validation is to confirm a user’s ID)

Employees are limited to listing one (1) Wage Shift Deal per week however any number can be bid for or purchased.

As with most Deals offered by businesses and industries the Price Demand may apply.

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