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Where do you want to stay?

Being able to tell Accommodation Operators you are coming to their location and need somewhere to stay has a new meaning.

QwickStay and QwickTrek give Operators the chance to be alerted by a potential Guest visit  -  they can respond with a package that will be hard to ignore with Price Demand.

Operators still get the full selling prices while the Guests get the chance to buy at prices as low as 20% or less, and instead of getting an experience that has been cut to the bone, just to get the sale  -  making everyone happy!

Price Demand apply to all the Smart Contracts released to Guests.

How it works for Guests!

You as a potential guest place details of your visit in a Request that is sent as an alert to Operators in the location you selected.

An automated system to verify Requests is used so not to take up valuable time of the Operators.

Requests for available Check-in times and prices is sent to alert you of any Response by the Operator(s) for you to look over.

A time frame is set when you first send out a Request, this could be 24 hours or 7 days depending on the demand that the Operators have at the time

 -  a count-down for Operators to Respond begins once the Request time is closed

-  the Responses you receive from Operators will also have a time limit in which to Respond to

-  Operators are updated with the Responses that're still live and active

If the details of your stay suit you then you can Buy the Deal to lock it in  

-  depending on whether the Operator has vacancies previously Activated by the Price Demand and there was no Buyer, you can immediately lock in the low Buying Price and Buy the Smart Contract from funds in your QwickPay.

If you need to Activate the Smart Contracts sent by the Operators then you need to have funds in your QwickPay account to Buy the Deal at the price you want to pay before another Guest takes the Deal  

-  Operators could have more than one vacancy so if you miss the first Smart Contract, try again.

-  Guests can pre-set prices for Smart Contracts that various Operators frequently release.

Collection Codes are issued to present to the Accommodation Reception on arrival to validate the details of your stay.

Depending on how the Operators handle payments, the value of your stay could immediately be released to their account or wait until you are leaving  

-  either way value of a Smart Contract cannot be returned to you or released to the Hotel without both agreeing that everything is satisfactory.

Cloudfunding provides the option for Guests to be part of Global Co-Operatives or form one themselves with some friends.

Global Co-Operatives  -  Seller Co-Operatives and Buyer Co-Operatives

Cloudfunding provides benefits for both Supply and Demand

-  this opens up for Co-Operatives to be formed at the local level between friends looking for better prices or larger groups

-  for Sellers it makes sense to co-operate with similar businesses or with a range of Suppliers looking to get sales.

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