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Cloudfunding brings economies together in e2eCommerce
e2eCommerce seamlessly merges Offline to Online in real time

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The world's a different place since the GFC

The financial impact from the strategies used in response to the GFC are becoming more obvious by the day with increased prices of essential living costs, coupled with little to no gain in wages across most of the developed countries  -  a change in the way economic growth and wealth is distributed is imperative, and it can only be done digitally at scale.

Since the GFC the strategies of flooding the world markets with 'hollow' printed money in the hope of stimulating economies has only flattened growth by inflating stock markets and increasing real estate prices with unsustainable values.

What should have been losses taken by the financial industry are now losses in the record indebtedness of households  -  the debt has been off-loaded to the private sectors in the form of helping to inflate real estate prices and mortgages in the hope to channel 'spending' value back into local economies.

Unfortunately it has had the opposite affect to the way modern economics has relied on recoveries up to the GFC, it has now left a historically high number of households in most of the developed countries with unprecedented debt, that, regardless of the next down-turn or correction in prices, the debt remains the same for the households.

Trouble with off-loading those losses/debt this way in the form or borrowing for mortgages is that it has increased the already stretched households of pre-GFC that needed 1.5 to 2X incomes to stay above water  -  now it's 2 to 2.5X incomes that's needed to cover household debt but still leaving little in disposable income for the majority of households to spend freely back into the local economies.

Technology can move mountains

Technology or the abuse of technology was to blame for the GFC but it could also be said that it was an inevitable outcome to the way economies have out-grown modern banking  -  which is to sell and distribute debt without the value ever being tied or governed to something tangible or productive  -  modern banking and economics is lead by Credit and Debt and that's why it will always boom and bust, and stable equilibrium will never be achieved.

Cloudfunding reverses the centralized Money Supply flow lead by Credit    -    Credit/Debt  >  Distribution  >  Productivity

             .  .  .  -  to a decentralized Capital flow that's lead by Productivity    -    Productivity  >  Distribution  >  Free Capital


Here's a table napkin sketch of how it works

Cloudfunding - e2eCommerce

The day of hand feeding societies through the Money Supply controlled by centralized systems is nearing the end of its cycle  -  for the sheer scale to operate in the new digital economy, and expand economies, it will only be with decentralized neutral systems.

The imbalances that constantly flow across economies causing losses in revenues, taxes and wages is turned back with Cloudfunding by bringing consistency in genuine economic growth  -  it challenges the status quo by shifting Technology directly towards a more balanced Commerce environment through fair and equitable trade, with exponential scale  -  rather than using scales of taxes and interest rates to try and stimulate markets to compensate losses in revenue and low wages Cloudfunding uses RingLink technology to open up the connections between economies to free up the seamless movement of a universal trading value around the world.

That seamless movement between supply and demand is made possible when a product or service is processed using a proprietary bidding process that generates a Smart Contract, which can only be executed when it's released to a seller's local buyers, who then need to use Price Demand and be the first buyer to click 'Buy Now' as the price cascades down from the full selling price to as low as 20%, depending in the final winning bid price.



.  .  as activity increases there's a flywheel effect that spreads out into other economies

Scale matters

Cloudfunding uses subliminal organic advertising, as one of the dynamics, to achieve global scale for what is the largest ever distribution of free Capital across the world  -  the money supply has been controlled by centralized systems for various reasons for many decades in the analogue world  -  but now technology has caught up and can expand exponentially with decentralized distribution systems to break down the barriers holding back financial inclusion for all.

Unlike QE where the addition of printed money just simply diluted values and unevenly spread across economies, and has come back to distort global markets, bypassing the real economies  -  Cloudfunding is governed by genuine Productivity ( products and services ready to sell and validated on the completion of sale between buyers and sellers ) in all economies and markets.

Cloudfunding operates in a new paradigm above B2B and B2C, it operates from economy to economy with e2eCommerce spanning across the world in a seamless flow of Supply and Demand between local and global Buyers and Sellers with Universal Digital Cash.

Cloudfunding indelibly ties the value across all sovereign state currencies to generate a stable and neutral universal unit of value, which means the universal value is invariably backed by sovereign states through their currencies  -  this algorithmic economic infrastructure allows the constant validation with global currencies for e2eCommerce to operate on top of and across all the commercial activity from economy to economy  -  Direct Market brings together all the commercial activity into one easy Market Index to follow trends in Productivity across industries and locations.

While the e2eCommerce platform sits atop of the commercial activity within economies, it does so by allowing Capital flows to move freely and seamlessly between Sellers and Buyers, and between economies  -  what is uniquely technical and digital is that although the values being transferred are constantly validated as universal trading units of account and are compared in real time with each of the global currencies, there are no fiat currencies held or transferred across borders.

Cashless and decentralized

The world is digital now and truly cashless, where the trust held in the sovereign states with the backing of their fiat currencies is extended down into the local economies where the trust is decentralized across the scale of interactions taking place in Productivity and Commerce.

The hard currencies are held within the economies between Buyers and Sellers liquidating the universal digital value with the fiat currencies  -  the Capital flows are further amplified with the Direct Foreign Digital Capital Investment that flows across borders stimulating local economies when Sellers use Outsourced Selling to attract free foreign investment  -  this gives local economies the ability to control any trading surplus or deficit in real time.

Liquidity from the universal value to the local fiat currency is tied to the products and services sales of local Sellers with constantly compared values, hence avoiding fees and charges to exchange universal value, eliminating exchanges and banks  -  the technology servicing the free peer to peer transfers and exchanges is supported within the economic infrastructure, and so avoids the need for fees or currency spreads that dilute values.

Loans and lending is replaced by collecting the Free Digital Capital flowing from the subliminal advertising  -  businesses and individuals can set up to collect the FDC and use the platform's tools to automatically build any size income stream for business or personal.

Individuals can establish businesses as virtual wholesalers, and businesses have use of a Digital Sales Division to expand their business sales and establish a new proactive department within the business to directly help drive sales  -  there's also Free Direct Backing for the businesses wanting to expand their footprint or for entrepreneurs looking to startup a new venture and need backing without losing equity.

Local economies now have the upper hand with Localization

Many local economies bear the brunt of global changes, whether that's from government policy, global trade or currency wars  -  the Digital Era has provided a unique opportunity to level the playing field for local Commerce.

The internet has provided the means to distribute on a global scale as the world has seen with the scale of the online digital behemoths that have risen in the last two decades  -  that scale has come about predominantly from digital advertising.

The change Cloudfunding provides is adding the missing economic infrastructure that was sidelined in the early Web 1.0 and again in the Web 2.0 mainly due to scale  -  that now changes with new Capital flows directly connected within browsers and mobiles of Users.

Cloudfunding redirects the flow of Capital in the reverse to traditional Commerce and Advertising by applying e2eCommerce to supply a new economic value via Outsourced Selling and Subliminal Advertising, which is freely collected by Users from browsers and mobiles.

Each product and service unit is individually commoditized and monetized when it is listed for Outsourced Selling  -  RingLink network is a visualization of how products and services are listed and distributed across thousands of rings  -  basically the value is decentralized as it moves from ring to ring or in effect from economy to economy.

Local Commerce all along the Supply Chains, can now Outsource the Selling of any product or service, including locally produced and manufactured goods  -  Outsourced Selling changes the flow of Capital running within local economies by being able to access the free Direct Foreign Digital Capital Investment.

As local Sellers use Outsourced Selling, increased demand bought on by low buying prices increase the circulation of local cash and universal digital cash, which effectively generates a real time ubiquitous flow of local productivity  -  it's Localization expanding into Free Open Market Economic Zones where productive Capital flows freely from economy to economy.

FOMEZs are driven by OMMs operating as a neutral democratic global network of virtual wholesalers that directly influences the local economies with Outsourced Selling and the communities of Users that benefit from Direct Market to earn revenue streams from across the world.

With local Commerce using Outsourced Selling there're numerous advantages that Sellers can benefit from, as well as receiving full 100% Selling Prices  -  there's the greater demand back along the Supply Chain that has deep benefits within the local economies.

Local Producers and Manufacturers can dramatically reduce operating costs when taking advantage of other Suppliers and Utilities using Outsourced Selling to buy at lower prices, even paying local and global staff wages from Online sales revenue is free of fees.

Subliminal Organic Advertising ( free advertising ) and OutSell begin an economic flow of Commerce that fits the Digital Era  -  the transition of advertising, from being part of the mechanics of Commerce to its distribution as Free Digital Capital  -  initially launching it as free working capital tied to genuine Global Productivity in the Supply and Demand of products and services  -  through to its final validation as a neutral Universal Digital Cash, key to the perpetual flow of economic growth in the New Economy.

Outsourced Selling can be repeated continuously in a local region and provide enormous advantage for local Sellers, as Sellers join in, it establishes a natural Free Open Market Economic Zone  -  FOMEZ,   taking Local Productivity to a global scale with  .  .

                                                                    Productivity  >  Distribution  >  Free Capital

Free Open Market Economic Zones are what forms Localization inside the Global Chamber of Economies in the New Economy  -  from economy to economy, Cloudfunding distributes Subliminal Organic Advertising to expose products and services from local Sellers so that Direct Foreign Digital Capital Investment can be drawn back to inject new and free Capital into the local economy, exponentially speeding up trade for essential food to restaurants to real estate.

Essentially what Cloudfunding does is what Central banks couldn't do  -  and that was to tie new Capital flows to tangible and intrinsic values that perpetually generates genuine value back into economies, without indebting any level of participant.

Cloudfunding protects the local domestic manufacturing to retailing with Localization by operating on new Rails of Trade  -  where Supply meets Demand under new Rules of Engagement.


QwickPic Ready
  Supply      New Rails of Trade      Demand  

The Dome
  Outsourced Selling  

Outsourced Selling takes Local Commerce to a new level

Traditionally when a product is sold between a country and another there's a transfer of money from the Buyer's country to the Seller's country, which's usually held within the international banking system, somewhere, these volumes exchanged between countries become part of a trade surplus and trade deficit system that's used to keep track of any imbalances.

Trade Balances have a big effect on a country's financial ability to operate with sufficient money to support its operations.

Cloudfunding challenges the status quo by changing the mechanics of payment for cross border commerce,

-  in all Outsourced Selling processes the payment for the full value of a product doesn't come from the country of the eventual Buyer, it comes from the local economy of the Seller, which is stimulated via the flow between local fiat currency and digital cash ( Ownership exchange ) during local commerce.

.  .  the 'Ownership' is the paradigm shift from being part of a monetary system and moving to a scalable economic system

.  .  this shift changes the dynamics of how global commerce and trade payments move freely from economy to economy

.  .  it changes the economic outcome of local economies by eliminating the costs incurred with old world incumbents

The mechanics of Outsourced Selling generates an investment for the Seller's economy, with the Global Crowd strategies drawing in digital cash ( money ) into the local economy via the deep algorithmic economics built into the system  -  Global Productivity.

On a larger scale with foreign investment ( FDI ) coming into a region, when Outsourced Selling is used by a region's local industries and Sellers it can scale to any size to draw in foreign investment ( without the costs or loss of control over assets ), there's an automatic Direct Foreign Digital Capital Investment ( DFDCI ) that transfers to the region's local economy, without any transfer of money ( foreign exchange ) being involved  -  the activity generated in the local productivity creates the validation.

The unique effect that Outsourced Selling does is it generates velocity of the local currency using the full prices of any product / service sold, which also generates the maximum tax revenue for the local governments.

While a Buyer may be in another country where a payment is paid via digital trading cash there is no transfer or exit of fiat currency from the Buyer's country as it does in traditional trading, when a Buyer pays for the product using Universal Digital Cash by initially using Pay It Forward, it helps to raise the velocity of the local fiat currency in the Buyer's local economy.

The outcome is much better for the Buyer's country with no cross border currency transfer and an even better outcome for the Seller's country with full payment that's not diluted by incumbents taking a percentage of any currency transfer.

Sellers often look for loyal customers to form a consistent revenue base, the Platform provides Sellers with 'long tail' connection with customer activity across the world, it means that a Seller can initially invite a customer to the Platform to bid and buy from the Seller,

-  the long tail is the commerce activity that a customer does in the local region and anywhere else around the world with other Sellers on the Platform, the Seller silently earns a % of the commerce forever with each customer.

-  the number of customers invited to the Platform reflects in the growth earnings for the Seller  -  see Queen Bee.

  Sellers can Sign-up for early access
We're opening up to Sellers early - so if your business wants to gain the advantage, please add your details

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Wherever your Location is - you are not alone!

- this is the 'RunWay' we're now on, with the New Economy!


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