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A Localization verses Globalization gives back what it gains

The share of the gained value is the true economic gain in each location, it's not speculative like in share markets or currency trading or even Capital Investment vehicles  -  the gain is from the commerce activity happening in real time on the Platform, with only strategies by individual owners selecting where and how much activity there will be in the various locations from around the world.

The basis for the gains from the commerce activity being shared with the global community is two prong,

-  one is that the strategies needed to gain a share of the growth by collecting location units is a simple and scaleable way to distribute value across the world in an easy understood way,

-  the second is that the gains are the actual increases in the value being added to the digital cash currency from the true productivity value in the economy but instead of the digital cash currency unit itself increasing in price, it's the volume of the digital cash currency that increases, which is distributed to the individual portfolio owners, according to where the activity came from.

The reliance on true productivity to gain growth in the volume of digital cash within the various economies is a genuine method of gaining exponential and ubiquitous growth, without any reliance on currency manipulation, speculation of markets, crystal ball forecasting, subsidies and tariffs, etc.

The change of how markets will work comes with the change to how influence and value can cross borders to stimulate local economies by the initial actions of local Sellers applying free Direct Foreign Decentralized Capital  -  DFDC does the rest.

The mechanisms of the Platform removes the need for incumbents, it structures the new global economy to have a full efficiency flow in commerce from producers and manufacturers to the end customer, and provides all the individuals and businesses with a way to gain from the distribution of global growth, free of top end manipulation.

It's the combination of several separate mechanisms that allow any individual to have access to the free market, which the Platform provides by giving a portfolio that has the tools to show an individual the way to get involved with locations around the world generating productivity.

The unique capabilities of the Platform is that it's a digital global economy that can use modern tools to control the GDP growth in any economy, and, the increases in wealth more effectively than all the tools available to the current financial institutes and world economies  -  it's built with inequality focus.

ComTechX has the Global Price Index where every product or service listed in any country is capped with a maximum value according to the current markets, these are then geared to increase at various increments to provide additional growth in line with the various economies.

The Free Market can still operate regardless of the GPI, however the advantages of being able to have predictable sales with full list price profits using the dynamic pricing is seen as quite advantageous over trying to gain marginal increases with higher full list prices.

Inflation and deflation is basically eliminated as the consistency of growth and profit is able to be seen in real time rather than months after the events as what happens in current economic structures, by having consistency in full profits with sellers is that the taxed revenue is able to be correctly forecast using real time data to set financial budgets by countries, regions and businesses.

Productivity is key to sharing

Regardless of all the talk about the Internet of Things, if there is no sharing of wealth through better economics, all the advances in technology will not have achieved much if all the innovation in the world is only available to a selected group in the world that can afford it all.

Productivity all originates locally somewhere, ComTechX provides the complete commerce flow from the time a seller lists a product on the market to the time it is purchased by a buyer located in any part of the world  -  all on one autonomous Platform.

Having Cloudfunds to be used as working capital to monetize business needs and personal use is an important step in financing the future in the digital era, without continuing to increasing world debt.

It gives businesses a customer loyalty program that drives incentives continually towards consumers and in turn has a great 'long-tail' that keeps on rewarding both buyers and sellers.

The productivity in locations around the world is directly linked with the local fiat currency where products and services are originally manufactured and sold from, it's the amount of connection an individual has with these locations, and the productivity, that their share in the distribution of wealth is made.

Productivity can be predictable

With ComTechX having developed Fractional Economics provides the landscape for predictability in commerce trade, the disruption to how full prices can be gained by sellers, while buyers can have deep discounts without harming the local economy, is the way of the future.

It avoids the damaging method of discounting to find the equilibrium in supply and demand, it's damaging not only to the seller but to the local economy where taxes are relied upon to support the community.

The Free Market is often referred to as hands off and let it be but the randomness of sellers trying to win buyers produces much of the damage where taxes are reduced and once sufficient discounting tips the scale it causes recessions that can escalate out of control.

Hence why recessions have almost been the predictable part of economies in the modern era with the introduction of more complicated monetary policies and central banking control using subsidies, tariffs, exchange rates and interest rates.

Having sell high and buy low the Free Market is held, in fact the market is stimulated with more demand through lower prices using Flexi-Deals to delivere more spontaneity to the marketplaces by operating in the Global Digital Markets.

Accuracy in Distribution

The distribution is accurate down to 14 decimals, so the most minute size in productivity is able to be recorded and never lost to 'rounding off' of values.

Even if a minor number of individuals in a location gained benefit from the distribution, it has a spill over of benefit into the local economy by drawing in wealth from around the world.

The distribution process treats everyone equally, it gives everyone equal opportunity to use a Free Market structure.

The process of distribution takes a 'wealth tax', which is the LAT  -  a Location Activity Tax, it's debited from each commercial action across the Platform.

This LAT, that's not directly deducted to hinder the commerce or any player, is collected in stealth from each location and is shared across all portfolio holders who own an amount of Location Token 'Units'.

The collection of this LAT and shared to each unit owned by the individual holder is added to the original value paid by the holder to add to their portfolio,

-  it's the difference in value that the LAT has added on top of the original price for the unit that generates a surplus value, this, when combined with other surpluses from other Location Tokens that a portfolio holder has the freedom to collect, it increases wealth to the individual.

This collective value, that continually adds to the surplus value in each portfolio, doesn't increase UDC's unit value but spreads any increased volume across the broader number of individuals holding onto part ownership of the global productivity.

-  the mechanics of the distribution of LAT has been designed to stop share market mentality where profit takers can take the good from a market ( location ) and move on, it provides true distribution of the fruits of productivity with the quantity of individuals linked to the locations, so the good can be shared in a linear growth.

UDC acting as the neutral central currency is capable of being collected across all commerce activity and distributes 'wealth' in the form of an intrinsically backed currency for an individual to spend into their own local economy or in any location in the world.

Because UDC uses the aggregated value of all global fiat currencies as the base value, where it can always be compared and exchanged with each fiat currency, the addition of the distributed UDC to the individual portfolio holder in real time eliminates any manipulation or way of creating credit to distort true values.

Earning wealth is everyone's right and earning from global productivity is now possible with technology, technology that's often blamed for job losses and inequality

-  the economic benefit of the Platform shares wealth that for many can be the kick starter to earn a continual income on the back of global productivity,

-  it can also give those with the 'entrepreneurial will', an income from the shared wealth to build businesses that can operate in a free market, adding to the 'productivity' that keeps the ubiquitous distribution of wealth moving.

The Third Pinnacle and the Assumption

The New Economy sits within the Third Pinnacle of the Internet, the other pinnacles being Social and Data ( People and Information ) sectors, the core defining attribute of this third sector of the Internet will be the most important next step in benefiting the world's population in achieving a better life.

There's an assumption that the Financial Industry with banking, credit cards and lending will simply flow all their services over to the Internet and carry on with business, the Internet is still changing the way the future will be, with less bottle-necks that have been added over time in the physical world, now most incumbents are irrelevant and can be eliminated, which is what the Digital Era had promised to do.

The Third Pinnacle and Scalable Digital Economy is about bringing in a new era of economics that'll work for governments, without the legacy of history built up around the Financial Industry, it'll help overcome a country's issues.

A Digital Era where an individual will have their own global wealth earned from a level playing field where local economic circumstances will not inhibit their ability to better themselves, an era where an individual will not need to have a bank account to use their money, or need a credit card to make payments.

The world is now entering the era where a global digital cash will simply be able to follow an individual around the world and be able to be used from any Internet device, which will securely identify an individual, and make a payment, just as if it was cash being paid out from their pocket, without any incumbents or borders.

The level playing field will give the several billion individuals. yet to join the Digital Era. the means to use mobile phones to gain more to their lives, the
Platform will be able to provide connection to carriers that will be free, it will provide the income streams to afford this connection to the Internet by becoming one of the Global Crowd that will help power a New Economy.

Instead of the large number of individuals in developing countries being targeted by global leaders on the Internet as potential clickers of advertising items that they will never buy or use, the Platform shifts that assumption and sees this next leap as the way the developed world will be able to gain value directly from the Internet back into their economies, exponentially.

The Platform is evolving into the Global Chamber of Economies entity with a mandate to secure the individual ownership of digital cash for all global citizens, it's a self sustainable NGO system that's committed to monitoring all activity from a neutral position.

The security will not be fragmented or allowed to happen as in the case of the credit card system where the fraud is allowed to happen before the mop up, correction and loss but be able to be handled in real time 'before' any event should happen by operating on the same level with the ability to monitor as one.

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As UDC is validated and exchanged in the New Digital Economy it permeates out into local economies!

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Wherever your Location is - you are not alone!

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