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FOMEZ  -  is a local Free Open Market Economic Zone  -  inside the D.O.M.E.


the D.O.M.E. digitally surrounds the location, generating it's own economy, filtering the financial benefits into the local community without the economic dramas of inflation or deflation, it helps push the cost of living down and gives local Seller's the Competitive Advantage.

Whilst many models to enhance productivity usually involve intricate schemes and lengthy legal jargon, the Platform provides a simple approach for Sellers,

just add photos and details of products needing to be sold and leave the Outsourced Selling to the Global Crowd,

once the selling process is completed the product is available to be released on the Open Market for the local Buyers.

Sellers can add any number of products to sell or just use it whenever there's a need to sell, there's no minimum or maximum orders, that way a business can build their own Demand strategy around their ability to Supply.

Businesses adopting Cloud Commerce sell their products and services at the full selling prices, with no discounting, while their local community or broader trading zone buys those products and services at the low prices,

 -  its commerce mechanics simultaneously gives Sellers their full selling prices while the Buyer can multiply their buying power by 5 times without hindering the local economy with Price Demand.

 -  it's local commerce that grows on profitable Sellers, generating employment that cycles monies back into local economies.

its dynamic pricing that generates lower buying prices is built on the self interest emotion of individuals to not miss out on a bargain, the Buyer and Seller Posts on the Global Trading Platform help to perpetually keep stimulating the scalable Digital Economy.

it subtly draws Capital Investment into a local economy from around the world with the Global Crowd competing for local seller's products.

Cloud Commerce dynamics create demand inside locations that get taken up by local Buyers, effectively it keeps all monies used for buying and selling inside the FOMEZ, it means those funds don't need to be borrowed back from outside incumbents.

Local businesses can add momentum to the speed in which local economies expand with their FOMEZ by using the Queen Bee Project

FOMEZs automatically digitizes the local fiat currencies into UDC, to compare values locally and globally.

UDC operates globally as the Internet's neutral commerce trading currency, for all fiat currencies to inter-change with,

UDC uses Pay It Forward, Now! to contain the value within the dynamics of local commerce, without costs or loss of value.

This simply means that when a local Seller liquidates the sales they've made on the platform, the exchange between a local customer in paying with the local fiat currency to the Seller, leaves the fiat currency to continue to circulate locally.

FOMEZs aren't detrimental to local economic policies set by governments, FOMEZ reaches areas and participants within local communities that can't be addressed by policies, such as those on low incomes that rely on tax payer subsidies.

The structure of a FOMEZ helps the local and major governments recover what are lost revenue streams by gaining tax the ( GST / VAT ) on products and services normally discounted, revenue which simply evaporates from the economy.

Domestic markets have been impacted in the last two decades by technology that uses digital means to control global commodity prices, this top-down control has filtered down to local domestic markets to make local manufacturing uncompetitive.

What FOMEZ does is operate globally with bottom-up dynamics that sets the pricing in the Supply Chain to favor growth from the base, autonomously, and without being interfered with by global commodity prices and trade tariffs.

FOMEZ does what local and upper government policies can't do effectively, which is to counter the global commodity pricing that are under control from private enterprises.

The 'game' has changed in recent years and using fiscal policies that take forever to implement are not sufficient to counter real-time 'values' that are commanded by the few who have built a power base on technology.

FOMEZ and Cloud Commerce are only now able to be applied because of advanced technology, economies of scale can be used to reverse the downward pressure that has been forcing local manufacturing and productivity to surrender.

                                                      -  this is the RunWay we're now on, with the New Digital Economy!


  the 'D.O.M.E.'


  FOMEZ - Localization

  Productivity First

  RingLink Tech


  Cloud Productivity

  UDC - Neutral Currency

  Local - Capital Flows

  Balance of Payments

  Pay It Forward, Now!

  Digitizing Cash

  Booms and Busts

  Open Market Revenue

  Automation - AI

  Fractional Economics

  Supply Chain

  Economies of Scale

  Exchange Platform

  Global Locations

  Distribution of Wealth

  Labour MarketPlace

  Affordable Living

  Job Creation
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Cloud Commerce operates by Outsourcing the Selling to the Crowd by Cloudfunding

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QwickP2P   'Pay it Forward, Now!' completes the sales activity for sellers!

As UDC is validated and exchanged in the New P2P Economy it permeates out into local economies!

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Wherever your Location is - you are not alone!

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