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An economy is the generating of wealth within a region  -  and shared with its people

Universally Decentralized Capital takes center stage

Digital Free Trade and Commerce is a stand alone New Industry

Brick & Mortar is the new Place Of Trust, again!

Technology will bring the good times

As technology takes the manual jobs away, and as technology changes the lives of this and the next generations, it'll be the global collective methods used that will support the individuals with incomes based on the productivity happening around them, and from around the world.

The Luddites were unprepared for the changes to their future, so we at least should learn from their mistake.

It's the transition from the Industrial to the Technological eras that is the most important next step, and we're already in it.

Technology still means that the good times are yet to come, it's getting the transition right by having a better balance and control of productivity and economics that will make the difference.

Jobs will be a lot different in the next generations for sure, they may not be digging a ditch or driving a train, or selling a house, jobs will be more based on earning incomes by passively and collaboratively helping to drive productivity along, and then to spend those incomes on products and services,

-  incomes tapping into global productivity will be available to everyone, every citizen in the world, not treated as a commodity to sell to but someone that has the freedom to instantly invest into productivity for their income source, not just at the country level or region, city, town, suburb or even industry, the freedom will be to go deep into locations and instantly invest in a business,

-  the depth of this Capital Investment platform means that issues like basic health or services can be delivered to the isolated and poverty stricken regions by solving the last mile, where the hurdles are often found because the economics are seen as being so unrewarding to even try to solve,

-  it provides the platform to operate above or away from the influence of monetary policies set by individual countries or banks for the benefit of their own citizens or shareholders, it will provide a level playing field across all countries for persons coming from anywhere, to gain their incomes from a free market without hindering or being totally hindered by policies where they live.

-  this Capital Investment is part of a totally democratic real time process that connects the individual with the overall mechanics driving the world's societies and local economies, it jumps past the control that may come about with where someone lives, and encourages, even enforces that a true free market is instantly available to everyone,

-  how the share and currency markets currently operate on speculative spin will not be the way the new markets of the future will operate, technology is now able to provide real time outcomes, with productivity allowing people to follow and benefit from actual production results as they occur, without the need to bet on data results given months in arrears and future expectations.

The architecture and mechanics of this productivity income has already started, it's foundations have been built with the commerce dynamics, the digital value, and the distribution, the three main elements needed to create, sustain and distribute,

-  there will be productivity cycles that can be repeated again and again by technology, producing at a supply level that's predictably matched by a demand, these cycles are not effected by fiat currency adjustments or inflation and deflation, as it operates above all the domestic currency values and constraints.

The inflection point where the technical algorithms to generate the productivity and the technical hardware capabilities cross, has now been reached for a new paradigm to take off to form a scalable Digital Economy.

It's the income source that is the important element, not the jobs earning the income that will be taken by technology  -  the number of jobs will not disappear through technology but will multiply by being freely available in the fingers of more people.

The types of jobs in the present future will be those that direct technology in supply, and those which will have an equally important job in generating the demand, each working so there's a balance, with each effort earning incomes according to a free market  -  leaving inequality with fewer places to hide.

Jobs will be molded around what will need to have the human contact, the jobs will be paid in a more democratic way on the importance to the overall productivity, not being limited at the local or government level but at the global level where the economic constraints are less restricted  -  giving menial jobs more credibility, and paid accordingly.

The jobs will not continue to follow the work day time schedules that were needed to get order in the Industrial Age, those 'work times' have started to disappear as work becomes more flexible around lifestyles, work and jobs will increasingly fit around life, with incomes coming from a different source of work.

Future incomes, for all ages and people from any country, will not be subsidized by governments but from global productivity bought together using technology on a global platform, that's able to operate on a democratic level, with unlimited scale of participation that supports sustainable growth.

Incomes will come from peoples' own needs and wants, based on the strategies they set for themselves on the platform, run in parallel to the standard of living that they want  -  at least every person should be free to choose what they want, and not be separated, as is the case when 'globalization' is not shared with everyone.

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