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An economy is the generating of wealth within a region - and shared with its people

Universally Decentralized Capital takes center stage

The Platform integrates a neutral global digital cash trading currency as the means of executing exchanges within an ecosystem structured, within a democratized network of players, who can be either sellers or buyers.

The digital form of cash used by banks or financial institutions is not a new additional form of value but merely a replication of what individuals deposit into bank accounts, it's the same value just displayed in a digital form, it's just mirrored in an account accessed from an Internet banking portal,

The Universally Decentralized Capital in the Platform is a uniquely new product, with the equal value of any global fiat currency it's exchanged with,

Universally Decentralized Capital, also termed fully as Digital Commerce Trading Currency is the value used between buyers and sellers, each of whom can be located in different countries, keeping the action within typical commerce,

-  additional digital cash begins to be generated only when a seller lists their products or services to be Outsourced to Sell, the process uses algorithmic economics to transition the value of a product or service to an intrinsic monetary value,

-  It's only validated at the point of sale when fiat currency is exchanged to complete a product purchase previously made by the seller with another buyer,

-  the validation can only occur from within a country where the fiat currency still moves around in circulation, not deposited in an account but with buyers and sellers out in the local economy

-  the validation to generate UDC is a unique 3-way process that cannot occur without the exchange of fiat currency with a product or service at the Point of Sale ( Place of Trust )

-  it means the validation action generates the new digital cash currency as an independent trading currency, separate to the fiat currency used to make the validation

-  the quantity of UDC generated is governed by the amount of productivity sold, the UDC in circulation is able to be traded and spent for free  -  it cannot be destroyed or removed

-  its value is pegged against the global fiat currencies to ensure a stable value

-  digital cash is a product that has an intrinsic value that takes on an independent global value, used to exchange global trade both offline and online, with each linked and validated in real time on the Platform,

-  each action between a buyer and seller has an exponential and ubiquitous connection to a previous action, that's continually repeated, unencumbered.

The Platform has a fully autonomous SaaS architecture that's structured to form the ComTechX industry, where the complete 'action' of selling takes place,

-  ComTechX provides the listing of items, the marketing, the payment exchange with the final Buyer all on the one Platform  -  it adds the incentives for the Global Crowd to be involved in expanding the decentralized structure.

To not tie digital cash to genuine productivity is a mistake, without this connection and just create a currency based on a virtual 'thing' defeats all that the Digital Era is offering the chance to do - and that's to change the old legacy systems that have passed their usefulness, and learn from their mistakes.

The Scalable Digital Economy
removes the incumbents by keeping the trade exchange within the trading commerce environment, from the initial point where a seller lists an item to sell, to the point where a buyer exchanges payment in a digital cash purchase, it's just the same as cash sales have been done for centuries, only now it's done without any incumbents, just the buyer and the seller, and without the fiat currency being moved across borders,

-  the disruption is the digital trading currency used to exchange products, services or ownership between buyers and sellers, is free to use

-  effectively the exchange of digital cash between a buyer in one country and a seller in another removes the need for any contact with the financial industry, it allows governments to gain more revenue from trade by eliminating the incumbents operating between the trading partners, which dilute the prices paid and received, and so denying the full taxes that could be charged.

-  the cost of having the incumbents, as in banks, to digitally transfer trade value has been taken as the norm for decades, it's only in the last year or so that technology has caught up to scale, until now the banks have universally 'blocked out' competition by monopolizing their presence and making themselves impossible to do without,

-  that's not the case anymore, banks as we know them have their use-by model already stamped as outdated, the banking industry is an outdated legacy system designed for the old world, and is trying to bring its costly old mechanics over to the digital world.

The Scalable Digital Economy goes even further to level the playing field by introducing a new Digital Commerce Monetization System that provides the working capital for businesses and individuals for free, there're no fees and doesn't need to be paid back.

As the banking industry became more focused on its shareholders and their own hierarchy incomes, instead of staying with the original task of focusing on society's well-being, they turned themselves into a typical business, just like any business selling products and services.

The services that have cost gigantuim amounts of value to economies, governments and commerce players over decades, these services will begin to disappear as trade begins to exponentially shift over and be bought fully into the digital world where cost is miniscule, where trade and value will flow borderless, with security on a neutral global level, not splintered with numerous incumbents hanging on just diluting value.

The origin for using go-betweens in trade was because of the time between the exchange of goods and the security of payment being held in the middle, those old networks, formed over decades and centuries, were held in place through necessity, now technology in the digital era can replace those cumbersome networks with digital cash, for free.

Digital Free Trade and Commerce is a stand alone New Industry

Brick & Mortar is the new Place Of Trust, again!

Technology will bring the good times

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Wherever your Location is - you are not alone!

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