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  ComTechX  -  Commerce and Technology Organization  -

ComTechX merges Offline and Online Commerce into a SaaS Ecosystem, by 'decentralizing control' and giving it over to the people.

A plethora of Commerce services from Advertising to Payments are merged on an autonomous platform with Free Economic Value.

ComTechX monetizes the full value of inventory on sale  -  reinvents how Advertising works by validating it as free working capital.

Technology aligns Global Productivity in a scalable Digital Economy  -  a Platform that flows 'equitably' across the Digital Economy.

ComTechX helps to solve income inequality in emerging and developed societies, by applying 'fractional economics' to Localization.

ComTechX reinvents Global Markets by leaving 'Markets' to shareholders  -  instead shares Global Productivity Wealth with the people.

ComTechX is a natural platform for the growing global 'prosumer' ( producers and consumers working together in commerce ) movement.
Cloudfunding Main Street
ComTechX delivers Cloudfunding to Main Street and opens up a 'new frontier' in local selling
Commodities like Fuel can be sold with Cloudfunding  -  giving Sellers high selling prices and Buyers low buying prices
.  .  .  Suppliers along any Supply Chain can use Outsourced Selling to gain a 'defendable advantage' in Global Commerce

Global Citizen

.  .  the 'cashless' future will not include the current banking systems  -  paying incumbents to handle value will be replaced by free real time digital capital

.  .  'digital cash' in a 'cashless world' simply digitizes the fiat currency in someone's pocket by 'paying it forward' at a local store  -  'exchanging' it for digital




Digital Advertising has monetized the early Internet  -  now a paradigm shift is monetizing Advertising dynamics as an accountable free financial asset value for Global Commerce.

Free Advertising is the catalyst delivering the Digital Era's promise of a ubiquitous financial vehicle that leads to scalable and sustainable growth in Global Productivity.

Early Internet failed to connect commerce to a ubiquitous payment environment  -  monetizing advertising to spread as 'free working capital' to the global community, solves that.

ComTechX takes advantage of an incomplete and unaccountable business model in 'Advertising'  -  by 'closing the loop' in the commerce mechanics between sellers and buyers.

ComTechX expands the Advertising dynamics from a product's face value to monetizing the 'hidden inventories' behind all the products and services trapped inside Advertising.

Unlike traditional advertising that is based on spending a percentage of a seller's inventory  -  Cloudfunding takes the full selling price and monetizes 100% of the total inventory.

Free Economic Value merges 'Offline and Online Commerce' together at a local level where Localization spreads the competitive advantage in a truly 'Cashless' Digital World.

it's fully accountable, sustainable and ubiquitous Free Economic Value, it's free working capital, free to earn, has no interest or fees, and never needs to be paid back, ever!


.  .  realigning commerce's dynamics with low 'capped' Buying Prices ensures a broader participation by the Global Crowd, often limited by global inequality

ComTechX solves a fundamental issue behind inequality  -  it disrupts the 'status quo' in Supply and Demand by incentivizing Buyers and Sellers simultaneously

.  .  demand is exponentially increased with free working capital  -  Buyers have the incentive to collect and spend

.  .  Free Economic Value works in sync with true digital cash  -  avoiding credit and debt from shifting to the New Economy

The millennial generation has been given the burden of servicing the world's debt  -  left by the generations before them

ComTechX is an economic platform structured to limit debt by applying fractional economics to multiply global productivity

It reengineers the dynamics of commerce and provides greater affordability  -  so lifting the burden from the individual


Traders took advantage of a lack of communication between producers and consumers to control 'markets' between Supply and Demand.

Speculation on future profits is central to the market model, disregarding any sort of fair trade between prosumers  -  time for change!

ComTechX disrupts global commodity and money markets with real time global digital markets  -  based on productivity, not speculation.

Market incumbents will be disrupted by the digital connection  -  Sellers armed with a mobile will take control of selling to markets, globally.

New Digital Trade Routes will form and Old Routes will disappear  -  transparency is central to market pricing driven by a global consensus.

Price Demand

fuel   -   taxis   -   hotels   -   restaurants   -   events   -   travel   -   trekking   -   sharing   -   Cloudfunding Main St

groceries   -   fashion   -   books   -   delivery   -   content   -   subscriptions   -   On-demand   -   connecting   -   insurance

health   -   education   -   energy   -   housing   -   leasing   -   logistics   -   Used Market   -   Used Cars   +   more
ComTechX challenges banking dependency in Commerce by securely tracking Ownership, not by holding Cash

Cloudfunding introduces a true Cashless world as a reality, not just a digital version of the old world economy

Commerce exchange values have been reinvented to flow ubiquitously and free  -  from economy to economy

Cloud Commerce overcomes the limitations in Global Commerce by enveloping and eliminating costly incumbents

ComTechX sets the 'scene' for the Cashless world to function from society, not from dysfunctional banking systems

.  .  the world is fast becoming a cashless society, so you better get ready!

cash by itself is worthless, so holding it is pointless  -  generating productivity is what brings value to economies
  QwickP2P QwickPic Ready
.  .  pay it forward is the cash payment made to a local seller, for past purchases, in exchange for the ownership of the seller's digital cash, for future purchases              

.  .  the era of transferring money around the world with incumbents is closing fast  -  a true cashless world can now securely flow ubiquitously economy to economy             

ComTechX the Commerce and Technology Organization, is an industry providing a scalable global economic platform for all types of industries, from solar to big box to 'mom and pop' shops, entrepreneurs and startups, to freely operate in global markets.

ComTechX's disruptive technology gains advantages over legacy systems and incumbents by breaking down borders, commerce can now scale from one local economy to another on a level playing field  -  overcoming inequality by focusing on Localization

Localization enables local economies to boost the flow of commerce activity with Digital Cash and Free Economic Value, which are both governed and validated by global productivity  -  the exponential access to free working capital across local communities, in the cashless world, is integrated with customer acquisition and loyalty programs that perpetually links back to local commerce.

Localization gives cities and regions a more direct cost effective way to draw foreign Capital Investment into a local economy, bypassing the heavy costs associated with FDI  -  by using Outsourced Selling it automatically attracts free Direct Foreign Decentralized Capital ( DFDC ).

Connectivity was going to be the main issue in getting the bulk of the world's population Online  -  Localization can take advantage of the Internet's collective reach with low priced data plans and mobiles via local carriers and agents using Outsourced Selling.

Content that has been sucked freely into the digital world to provide the entertainment on platforms where advertising is sold, can now be 'fully controlled and monetized' by the Publishers and Creative Artists on a global scale.

Businesses can now gain Free Economic Value to build growth using the debt free ecosystem, replacing loans and credit  -  there's even a Digital Sales Division that Sellers can use to drive their own growth by being directly involved in the market activity  -  Sellers with commodities like crops and wool can use Outsourced Selling with Price Demand to find real time demand.

Localization democratizes the sharing of global productivity and wealth by dissolving the isolation individuals have with markets  -  it offers tools to share in the distribution of a global wealth tax, eliminating the need to risk being associated with incumbents and share market speculation  -  it ensures that the social dimension and sustainability 'raises all the boats at the same time'.

ComTechX as an industry, is evolving into a Global Trust utility that has set a mandate to secure the individual Ownership of the digital financial value for all Global Citizens  -  ComTechX is a self sustainable NGO system that's structured and fully committed to monitoring all activity from a neutral position.



                               1.  Cloudfunds  -  Free Economic Value is earned simply by viewing QwickPics, then using it as free working capital
UDC  -  digital cash is a neutral trading currency that is constantly compared with global currency values
Outsourced Selling  -  provides the incentive to generate commercial productivity without fees or adding debt
                           4.  Global Payments  -  the exchange of value to complete borderless, ubiquitous commerce, free of all fees

                           5.  Products and services are exchanged at sustainable high selling prices and low buying prices, simultaneously

Advertising has literally melted into our everyday lives over the decades that it's almost oblivious to those around it, it's certainly mostly ignored.

This effort to attract attention spreads everywhere and then just disappears, it never seems to have a home to go to like other functions in commerce.

ComTechX takes that massive almost unlimited resource in commerce and re-engineers it so it has a financial value, and gives it a global home.

On a global scale, this virtually ignored commercial resource, is a free sustainable value that can stimulate global productivity for decades to come.

    Users can access a global distribution process that distributes the growing wealth via a UDI Portfolio' that can be set and forget  -  but still be close enough to be influential as part of the Global Crowd, which can effectively move the needle in global productivity.

Everyone has their own goals in life and the platform can provide the core financial standing of a User in the digital world with 'time and financial savings' being a fundamental part of what everyone deals with every day.

'Portfolios can be linked to personal and family budgets via features on a mobile so time isn't lost while being out and about.

Market trends in productivity that are generated in various locations can be followed without the roller coaster rides of the share markets  -  varying levels of productivity all have positive outcomes, some more than others, so no two strategies are the same.

Users can follow trends in emerging and developed countries from the activity listed in hundreds of locations, that will expand to thousands as industries and businesses start to add to the activity  -  Users can add support to industries and businesses by being in the Global Crowd that drives productivity, then get the benefit with the shared distribution of global wealth.
.  .  owning a share of global productivity has more future than owning a share of equity
.  .  harnessing productivity by controlling supply and demand, will keep man in control of incomes and machines
  Cloudfunding  -  Sellers invite 'market makers' to compete to win deals for profit, deals are then released to Buyers at low low prices

ComTechX  -  makes Selling 'predictable' with full Selling Prices, while at the other end of the dynamics, Buying is made more 'affordable'

Outsourced Selling  -  is a deleveraging tool to help the global private sectors reduce personal debt, without transferring debt elsewhere

Cloud Commerce is a 'paradigm shift'  -  people can now democratically control global productivity and pricing at scale in an 'infinite cycle'
.  .  never before have people collaborated as a global digital workforce, bypassing market incumbents, to effectively harness and influence growth in global productivity
    Commodities like fuel that are an everyday necessity for most communities, need to be available and affordable to Buyers and still remain profitable for local Sellers, that's why starting Outsourced Selling with producers and manufacturers early in Supply Chains for all types of commodities is needed  -  a B2B Marketplace helps spread the economic benefits across the Global Digital Markets.

Commodities such as milk, fruit, wool, crops, even iron ore, any type of commodity can use Outsourced Selling to sell at the full Selling Prices, prices can be set by industries that may be regulated by quality or standards or to just ensure levels of income  -  the demand side can maintain the traditional 'bidding process' with Price Demand to get the 'real time demand'.
The Industrial Revolution strengthened the incumbents, the Digital Revolution will transition Supply Chains to share commodity pricing more 'equitably' from the 'grass roots' up
Harnessing fair commodity prices at the grass roots level of productivity and have competitive pricing move up the Supply Chains to the end consumers in society, is here now
Global Markets
Cloudfunding  -  brings predictable 100% selling and affordable 20% buying to Commerce

Outsourced Selling  -  a free service for Sellers to predict sales and for Buyers to take advantage
  Outsourced Selling  
  Outsourced Selling  
    ComTechX provides the balance between Globalization and Localization    

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                  Sellers Exchange

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Incentivizing local commerce with subsidies has long been used by governments to gain demand and protection for local industries but it's always been tied back through reapplying taxes already extracted from local commerce and trade  -  what ComTechX offers is a Scalable Digital Economy, with incentives to give local industries and businesses within locations, an equal opportunity to take advantage of local resources that have 'sustainable' competitive prices  -  which gives local sellers the profitability and 'opening needed' for a greater share of global productivity.

-  Localization offers 'defendable' positions with a comparative advantage, it gives local entrepreneurs and manufacturers the confidence to establish local enterprises using local staff, supplies and utilities  -  tapping into 'advanced pricing' with cascading buying prices that gains 'predictable' sales, and sets a solid foundation for global selling.

ComTechX ecosystem disrupts Supply and Demand with Sell High and Buy Low'mechanics to drive affordable prices along local supply chains . . the Digital Era is a parallel world where paradigm shifts are disrupting and revolutionizing industries with new values and economies  -  replacing monetary units with a digital value is not disruptive, what is disruptive, is generating a global Free Economic Value system that's validated against genuine productivity'in the physical world . . then to release it globally, equally and fairly, as free working capital within reach of everyone in the world . . giving everyone the means to gain products and services at those affordable low prices in free open markets.

-  just as institutions used credit and debt to drive growth in the 20th Century  -  crowd power will use free working capital to drive debt free growth in the 21st Century . . forging the democratization of monetization from the grassroots upwards into free open markets.

The right balance between Globalization and Localization

All Supply and Demand begins at the local level, expanding outwards along the Supply Chains to engage with others with a demand for supply  -  to create a digital economy without multiplying the existing debt is the 21st Century's challenge  -  to incentivize all the players in all locations, in all demographics, all the while democratizing global commerce so global markets are freely accessible, is equally a major challenge  -  a scalable global economy breaks that challenge down with algorithmic and fractional economics.

It has the right balance to also be a conduit between sellers and buyers with a global customer acquisition system for sellers and a global customer loyalty system for buyers that have long-tail benefits for both  -  there's also a no strings attached business funding system that directly backs sellers without taking equity and a Co-worker / Co-founder Incentive Vision program that solves some of the boss and worker issues that often come up in industries.

As the world continues to take advantage of cheap Labour Market and cheap ways to sell goods online, there's a balance needed to keep local commerce in a competitive position  -  a simple comparison of how online commerce has effected local commerce, is the local bookstore being at a disadvantage with online prices  -  what Localization does is it gives industries the level playing fields.

The change of how markets will work comes with the change to how influence and value can cross borders to stimulate local economies by the initial actions of local Sellers applying free Direct Foreign Decentralized Capital  -  DFDC does the rest.

  QwickPic Ready

QwickPic Ready
  It's not only being local where Cloudfunding has its advantages!  
    Hotels and all sorts of accommodation now have Outsourced Selling to sell directly to you    
    Outsourced Selling is like having Black Friday Sales, every day!    
    Unlimited scope with 'products and services'

There's no limit to the industries and the type of 'products and services' that can be sold with 'Outsourced Selling'.

It might be cars, insurances, food, clothing, holidays, houses, education, medical, energy, mobiles, televisions, subscriptions,  .  .  anything that can be quantifiable and has a value, in any country, can be sold with 'Outsourced Selling'. at full Selling Prices for the Seller, with Buying Prices 'capped' at 20% for Buyers  -  industries and Sellers have the option to use the Price Demand to track real time demand for their 'products or services'.



Leapfrogging to scale

ComTechX reinvents 'advertising' by solving the 'unfinished loop' in commerce that has an unpredictable outcome that businesses 'blindly' pay for, as part of a billion dollar industry  -  ComTechX disrupts paid advertising with free advertising by 'monetizing the hidden inventories' of businesses trapped in the Internet's ether  -  ComTechX validates the volumes of 'products and services' on a global scale as an 'asset value' ( Free Economic Value ), which ultimately provides businesses with predictable commercial outcomes, in a trillion dollar industry.

The 20th Century offered advertising a genuine connection with an audience that could be measured with sales  -  the 21st Century has started with an advertising model that's only measured by the number of 'clicks' and the 'revenue' that can be extracted from the Seller  -  this disingenuous approach to revenue raising rather than providing an efficient service was an easy model to disrupt.

The disruptions start with 'leapfrogging' traditional marketing where the aim of advertising has always been to entice businesses to spend on exposure  -  that 'gap' left by the advertising industry, between the Seller and the 'connection' with the Buyer, can now be closed with Outsourced Selling and Cloudfunding.

Advertising is a zero-sum game, not a wealth creator, per se, so to reinvent it in a way that it freely and equally creates wealth for individuals by reversing its role, in exposing 'goods' for free  -  is a disruptive game changer in generating wealth and productivity.

The problem solved is the limitation advertising has in closing sales, the old industry adage of 'not knowing which half of advertising works' is what 'Outsourced Selling' finally solves  -  'it makes advertising all work' by reinventing and expanding the advertising model  -  instead of allocating only a small percentage of a product's value towards advertising exposure, now the full 100% of the Selling Price value is allocated to a global distribution of small percentages of that full value, it's shared with global Users as 'free working capital'  -  for the Seller, advertising is now accountable and totally free.

  QwickPic Ready
  .  .  advertising is now a productive 'asset validated' digital currency, ubiquitous and free    

'Outsourced Selling' is similar to outsourcing the manufacturing of goods off-shore, only now the advantage shifts back to the local Sellers gaining defendable positions over imports and competition by using the combined 'buying power' of an off-shore Global Crowd  -  equilibrium is gained back in Supply and Demand with the local Buyers having the advantage of a greater buying power from much lower Buying Prices.

Outsourced Selling is available to every Seller in every location around the world who can connect to ComTechX's Commerce Search platform to list their business and list what products and services they have to sell  -  the types of businesses can be from anywhere along the Supply Chains, as long as the products or services are able to be quantified with the full Selling Price ( with no discounts )  -  a competitive advantage can be part of any Seller's business tools.

Outsourced Selling  
  Outsourced Selling  

Shift in commerce mechanics

Outsourced Selling shifts the 'mechanics of commerce' by moving the typical action made by a Seller of paying out a percentage of a product's full value to a centralized industry, over to the demand side where Buyers share in collecting the full value of products and services, ( validated further along the productivity cycle ).

The validation process allows the Seller's full 'Selling Price' value to be used as free working capital in strategies to win products and services, Users can continually collect these small percentages of value, they are free to earn, there are no costs or charges and it never needs to be paid back, ever.

free advertising is the catalyst that generates Free Economic Value in the 21st Century

Every industry and market that has products and services can use Outsourced Selling to get guaranteed sales  -  Sellers now have control of their supply and price, it can be one-off sales, annual subscription based, new and used products, all types of Sellers can use Outsourced Selling as free advertising  

Publishers can now gain revenue streams with effective paywalls that become the incentive for global consumers to want to view Content, as well as from using their networking just as Marketers can still follow the money.

                   ComTechX brings  -  predictability to selling and affordability to buying

Outsourced Selling is a win / win for all types of products and services
fuel   -   taxis   -   hotels   -   restaurants   -   events   -   travel   -   trekking   -   sharing   -   Cloudfunding Main St

groceries   -   fashion   -   books   -   delivery   -   content   -   subscriptions   -   On-demand   -   connecting   -   insurance

health   -   education   -   energy   -   housing   -   leasing   -   logistics   -   Used Market   -   Used Cars   +   more

Money in Global Commerce is now moving to fully 'Digital'

The way in which money has functioned in Global Commerce in the physical world has always been assumed it will operate in a similar way in the digital world  -  Global Commerce is being re-invented by ComTechX to function in a vastly different way  -  the first distinct change is that banks will no longer be needed or be involved in providing loans and credit  -  two distinct digital values, Digital Cash and Free Economic Value, intertwine to provide everything that's needed to conduct Global and Local Commerce between Sellers and Buyers, without the fees added by incumbents, all for free in real time.

Banking networks holding Cash will be eliminated

Banking is only a business model that has operated with commerce over the centuries by aligning the exchange of value for goods and services to flow through physical bank networks under the banner of the global banking system  -  what's vastly different now in the digital world is that Cloudfunding aligns the local economies where the exchange of value takes place, eliminating the involvement of banks  -  this direct alignment eliminates payment fees and currency exchange fees that incumbents profit from with spreads between currencies, because now the exchanges are from economy to economy eliminate any transfer or handling of local ( fiat ) currencies across borders  -  this eliminates the heavy cost of remittances sent 'back home' to support family members.

  Banking has held the world's hand for the last 500 years  -  Digital will take it from here!


The free working capital is the disruptive Free Economic Value System for the Digital Era, its value can buy products and services, it can be collected for free by Users the world over  -  someone in India or Africa has just as much opportunity to collect a share of the free working capital from products listed by Sellers in another country as anyone in the USA or the UK, all from a mobile or desktop.

The volume of Free Economic Value in circulation is governed by the full Selling Prices and the volume of products and services listed and sold in the ComTechX ecosystem, it taps into not only the volume of billions allocated to the advertising industry but into the overall volume of global commerce and trade that's measured in the trillions  -  it means that 'Free Economic Value', the 'free working capital', has the runway and capacity to have exponential scale.

Cloudfunds are free to earn, there's no interest or fees and it never needs to be paid back, ever!

The term given to the free working capital is Cloudfunds and it's main purpose is to use it in strategies to empower Users to gain greater buying power ( Buying Prices are set at a maximum 20% of the full Selling Prices, up to 75% of the Buying Prices can be using Cloudfunds, meaning 15% of the Selling Price can be allocated with Cloudfunds, leaving up to 5% that may be needed for 'bids', which are paid automatically from the User's QwickPay 'UDC - digital cash' account ).

Free Economic Value System does not hold any fiat currencies or cross borders with any fiat currencies, it's legitimately validated against products and services ( productivity ) in multiple locations across the world when the products or services are exchanged, that value is then released into the system as available Cloudfunds using propriety technology.

      Cloudfunds is a soft commodity in the tech industry, just as iron ore is a hard commodity in the mining industry

  Outsourced Selling  

Cloudfunds is free working capital for the Digital Era

Cloudfunds offer economies a specific benefit that places a valuable resource ( free working capital ) in the hands of the individuals, without it being controlled by banks or lenders or even in some countries, it can by-pass corrupt 'warlords' and officials  -  Cloudfunds are directly earned for free via a mobile, and desktop, and then used in strategies on a global scale that's accountable and transparent, it can directly effect the economy around the individual by drawing new income streams in from outside the local region to stimulate the local economy, which can lead to increased employment through greater local 'productivity'.

With the world having some 500 million smallholder farms supporting 2 billion people just to get a basic living, this type of situation with so many people relying on small funds that would often be borrowed from a bank or lender, is what Free Economic Value is ideal for, the smallholder farmers, and even more advanced producers, can use a mobile to list their crops and use 'Outsourced Selling' to have the Global Crowd sell their crops, and still give the smallholder farmer the means to be able to start earning 'free working capital' to help get basic products.

Outsourced Selling can flow down from further up the social chain in industries like Health, where medical products can be made available at the local level for around the 20% price range in isolated locations like in Africa, Latin America or India  -  because the Outsourced Selling process locks in 'prices' securely all the way to the local buyer level, it helps remove exploitation and corruption from many vulnerable locations.

In a different sphere but one that's always interconnected with Commerce is 'Education'  -  Cloudfunding and Outsourced Selling can dramatically change how Student Loans and School Fees are paid, and how existing loans can be repaid, it can totally change how education costs are handled across the world, whether that's in developed countries like the USA or developing countries like in Africa.

Free Economic Value is not simply adding a value to products and services, there's a sophisticated system that tracks and evaluates a fluctuating real time value that operates in the background while allowing the free working capital to be used without hindering individuals and businesses  -  it puts Free Economic Value in the position to disrupt ( credit and debt systems ) in how value will be generated to fuel economies for the Digital Era in the 21st Century.

              Blue Dot  -  'Credit' in the 20th Century and since, is plucked out of the air without being tied to any tangible value.

              Blue Dot  -  Cloudfunds, free working capital for the 21st Century can only be generated from validated productivity.

              Blue Dot  -  Cloudfunds is ubiquitous, it has the digital era's vision of being an individual's digital value, without borders.

Cloudfunding is globally scalable and sustainable

In the 20th Century Banking was central to 'intermittent' global growth  -  in the 21st Century Cloudfunding'can respond with stable and sustainable global growth.

The talk of using a Gold Standard again to help stabilize economies is not feasible in today's economies when history shows that speculation and the way countries holding the reserves could 'slant' things in their favor by centralizing power and using the value of money as the tool to influence economic growth  -  it certainly was not able to be used in a global democratic way as what's possible today in the digital era, where on a global scale, the value of a product as small as a tooth brush that's produced in one location and purchased in another location, is able to be tracked globally along the supply chains in commerce and trade as a tangible value in global productivity, a value that establishes genuine productivity as the modern day tool with the precision and accuracy to democratically 'move the needle' in global economic growth, 24/7 in real time.

Economic growth is something that effects everyone regardless of where they live, what ComTechX does during the generation and tracking of global productivity is to extract a global 'location tax' and redistribute it with users as part of a Universally Distributed Income, which helps to lay the foundation for a user controlled global income stream, which is necessary as we transition towards automation and an ageing workforce that has already started in most developed countries  -  it'll shift workforces into being more independent by being directly productive in local and global commerce, and so lift the burden on governments needing to 'churn' and redistribute taxes so much.


QwickPic Ready

QwickPic Ready

QwickPic Ready

New frontier for financial traction

Cloudfunds are generated from a limitless resource, it's available locally and globally, it's free to earn, it's free working capital, it has no interest or fees, it never needs to be paid back, no collateral, bank account or credit rating is required, it's fully accountable, it can't be destroyed, multiplied, transferred or speculated, it's intrinsic value is governed by the total quantity and value of the global productivity, it's borderless, and it's globally ubiquitous, perpetual and scalable in real time.

To Cloudfund is to use Cloudfunds as the value and Cloudfunding as the activity, in which Crowd Power can participate in to compete to win products and services using a unique propriety bidding technology, effectively the combined Users across an aggregation of countries can influence productivity and the local economy of a single location within a country, without any transfer of money across borders, Cloudfunding generates activity and raises the velocity of a Seller's local currency, the aim and benchmark for any modern economy.

                                         -  to Cloudfund products is just like to advertise products, only now it's all free

                                         -  Cloudfunding has a perpetual motion that's able to scale and expand globally.

Businesses in today's highly competitive world have a number of hurdles that need to be climbed before they can get established or even to expand, in most of these situations it's about getting the backing to try a business or an idea  -  what's different about Cloudfunds is that Cloudfunding is a Business in itself, and business profits can be made by competing for deals as one of the Global Crowd, as a virtual wholesaler, those profits can then be the 'seed funding' for another Business and an alternative to business loans, and it's free.

There's no limit to the amount of Cloudfunds that can be earned, and the free working capital can play an important part in helping to get sales traction for new and existing Businesses ( online or brick and mortar ), Cloudfunding is even flexible enough to allow businesses to compete for their own products as market makers, which means that the more competition for the deals the faster the deals are ready to be released to local Buyers at the low prices, and the Business still gets the full Selling Prices.

Cloudfunds can be allocated to specific industry players such as content provider business models like Publishers and digital download services like Creative Artists with paywalls that have single item or subscription based payments, with Cloudfunds as the incentive payment method publishers gain additional revenue from products sold by being the draw card that incentivizes Users to Opt-In  -  something unique for 'Creative Artists' using Cloudfunding and Outsourced Selling is that there's no gatekeepers or 'costs' in packaging product deals for their fan markets.

Businesses are the key to all commerce and that's why Sellers have a Digital Sales Division to monitor inventory and sales, with particular focus on being able to earn the amount of Cloudfunds needed to compete across multiple Cloudfunding deals  -  and to use it as a new form of business capital, there's no collateral needed, no credit checks, no equity or loss of control, it just comes down to knowing how to earn and how much 'free working capital' is needed, and then how to strategize using it.

  Pay It Forward, Now!  
Pay It Forward, Now!

The value released to a Seller when a product is exchanged with a local Buyer is in digital cash, even though the local Buyer gains the buying power by only paying the low 20% Buying Price set in the bidding process, the full 100% Selling Price is released in digital cash into the Seller's digital account, it's released from escrow where it's held since the bidding process..

Sellers can cash out ( liquidate ) their 'digital cash' or spend it just like cash is exchanged universally from hand to hand, free of fees and charges, only now it's in digital form, the liquidation is simply the completion of the age old cash payment process between the Seller and a local Buyer  -  the change is that it's another Buyer paying it forward for products or services on behalf of previous Buyers, it adds another layer of security in exchange for the ownership of digital cash  -  as the new owner the User can take advantage of the low Buying Prices being offered by that Seller or other Sellers.

Digital Cash is the Gatekeeper

'Digital cash' operates in a different paradigm in the ComTechX ecosystem in comparison to the way banks and payment services function by holding the cash ( fiat currency ) and issue a digital form to transfer between accounts  -  instead, ComTechX does not hold the cash, with Pay It Forward, Now! the fiat currencies remain in local communities where it adds to the velocity in normal trading ( it's not held by the platform or any third party incumbent)  -  the incentives of guaranteed sales for Sellers and low Buying Prices for Buyers ensures that 'cash' is exchanged back and forth with digital cash in the daily trading by Main Street brick and mortar stores, the original 'place of trust'.

The Place Of Trust ( POS ) ensures that the volume of digital cash is governed by the volume of products and services sold and cashed out by the Sellers  -  when digital cash ownership is exchanged it's immediately available to spend and exchange without fees or charges.

Ownership of digital cash provides security on a global scale rather than the fragmented way the banking industry passes on information from one institute to another that cause delays, costs and even wrong or misleading information ( chinese whispers ).

The 21st Century's transition points between the digital world and the physical world is being re-invented, ComTechX's tracking and securing Ownership of the digital cash is part of a paradigm shift, the Digital Era is taking the exchange of value for products and services to a new level by validating productivity as the true value and not allowing speculation to cloud those values  -  and not by holding fiat currencies as was the case back in history when coins and notes replaced the need to carry around bags of gold, and when banks were used to hold the bulk of those coins and notes for security purposes until the money was needed, which led to the leveraging of the people's money by giving it out as loans to other people who were in need of funds, for a price.

Mobile Digital Cash payments is just the next step

The change from physical cash being stored by banks to the mobile phone holding access to the Ownership of digital cash is a paradigm shift with how value is stored.

With digital cash ownership being free to be exchanged while the cash that it's validated against remains in the hands of people in the communities in the physical world, it gives Users the freedom to exchange ownership of their digital cash for whatever they want on their mobiles, just as they have the freedom to exchange cash without a third party and without fees.


When any value like cash or digital cash is involved there's an animal instinct that comes over people that makes them protect what they own, the same goes for exchanging ownership of digital cash, an exchange will only be done if there is transparency backed up with security features built in, like an escrow feature that can hold the value until both parties are satisfied with whatever is being exchanged  -  mobile and digital payments are free and ubiquitous, just like cash.


Price Demand bring 'real time demand' to Commerce

The Global Crowd ( market makers ) competes in a unique propriety bidding process for new and used products in which Cloudfunds are allocated in strategies ( by adding numbers in boxes just like in Lotteries ) to temporarily win deals before the deals get released to a Seller's local Buyers ( Cloudfunds spent in strategies are returned as an aggregated value to each User competing in each of the 5 Call Stages to ensure a serendipitous environment ).

The full 100% Selling Prices is paid to the Sellers using a unique propriety value tracking process, which separates the Buying Prices in the commerce mechanics and sets a 20% maximum Buying Price ( of the Selling Price ) as an incentive  -  these low Buying Prices can be maintained indefinitely, keeping demand constantly high.

Sellers are obviously pleased to be getting their full Selling Prices without any fees or costs but some Sellers may prefer to use the flexible Price Demand, it's an option that starts the Buying Prices at the full Selling Prices on the release of the deals, the Buying Prices then begin to cascade down towards the 20% value ( previously set in the bidding process ) but can be stopped by any local Buyer at whatever price they want to pay, this provides the genuine real time definition of demand.

Brands that are protective of their Selling Prices can use the Price Demand to get true real time demand for their products or services knowing that the full Selling Prices are recognized by the Buyers  -  an example of how brands could change the way they compete with other brands, say a leading brand in smart phones wanted to gain some market share from another leading brand, an 'Outsourced Selling' campaign could be run in various locations or countries with a set volume of smart phones, the market would know and see the full Selling Prices as the Price Demand begin to fall to the real time demand for the product.

Industries like airline ticketing, hotel bookings, concert tickets, membership subscriptions, student fees, fashion, petrol/gas stations, accommodation rentals, insurance coverage, even a corner store can use Price Demand to compete with the big box stores, there's no limit.

Price Demand solves the lack of equilibrium needed in local economies by finding the Buyers willing to buy at the price they're willing to pay without the Seller needing to discount, each unit of a particular product sold with the cascading prices will be different, so it becomes an automatic barter process and ideal for those countries like India that are famous for challenging the Seller, only now the Buyers need to beat each other online.

Of course when demand is high it makes it difficult for everyone to get to buy deals at the low prices and Sellers might not have all their products listed for 'Outsourced Selling', so as an alternative Users can compete to win 'generic deals' that have 80% discounts already embedded, the discounts can be stored in a User's account  -  it gives Users a cheaper way to pay whenever they see products they want online or offline in the store at the full Selling Prices, the User gets the discount and the Seller still gets their full Selling Prices.

With the amount of advertising building to an annoying noise level for many Internet Users, ComTechX uses an 'Opt-In' model that requires Users to accept and be Ready to earn Cloudfunds so they can participate in the bidding and buying of products and services  -  the Opt-In acts as the gateway to an autonomous platform of services.

The synergy between the Seller and Buyer comes at the local level where Localization creates the protective 'dome' around local commerce and economies, it's here in the local environment that the Digital Era can still find the age old 'social trust' between Buyers and Sellers in 'brick and mortar' stores, the trust that's instantly created when a Buyer hands over cash to a Seller in the exchange for a product is universal  -  this is the Place of Trust that will be the transition point between the physical world and the digital world for the 21st Century, filling the void for the many unbanked in communities around the world.

The 'global crowd' needs to hold the 'balance of power'

Now with numerous analyst reports finally indicating that the robotic evolution will reduce workforces by 30 to 40% by 2025 in developed countries, and probably more in emerging countries where industries turning to robotics will no longer be positioned offshore  -  it places everyday people in the hands of a different phenomenon where control is centralized by bigger 'groups' than ever seen before  -  'politics is numb' when it comes to controlling or directing the technological future, software will control the world  -  so having software that can only operate on 'a level playing field' in a way that 'people' still democratically control and dictate 'productivity', means that the global crowd holds the balance of power and controls the shared benefits from the economic outcome of that 'productivity'  -  this will be the last barrier separating us from 'an unequal world'.

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